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Growing up in the shadows of Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, WI, Tallan Noble Latz has always had a unique connection to Stevie Ray Vaughan, that runs deep in his soul.
At a very early age, the connection became very obvious to every one around him.  From playing Stevie’s music at age 6, to getting phone calls from Stevie’s old manager, Cutter, telling him how proud Stevie would be of him, to heading down to Dallas, TX every year since he was 8 years old, to take part in The Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembrance Ride and Concert.
To say Stevie was and is a major influence on Tallan is a huge understatement.  Tallan started paying HOMAGE to Stevie with his own Tribute event when he was just 15 years old and now we head into the 10th year of that Tribute Event.
What makes Tallan’s events different from other tribute events is that Tallan doesn’t pretend to be Stevie.  He doesn’t dress up like Stevie or even try to look like Stevie in anyway other then playing a replica guitar of Stevie’s #1.
Tallan covers all of Stevie's greatest hits and so much more at each of these events.
Everyone knows there is only one Stevie Ray Vaughan and there will never be another one like him, so Tallan doesn’t pretend to be him or even suggest that he is him.
What Tallan does with this tribute event is he pays HOMAGE to Stevie and channels Stevie thru the music and allows the music to flow thru him. He becomes a conduit of the music! That’s what makes his events unique and what makes them memorable for ever Stevie Ray Vaughan fan.
If you love Stevie Ray Vaughan then you will have to experience Tallan’s Tribute Event and then you will feel the love that Stevie shared with all of us and that Tallan passes along thru Stevie’s music.

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