"You see so many musicians who can play, but they don't have the soul and the feel and you do… you got the vibe! Tallan's got soul and he's an extraordinary talent! He is simply AMAZING!!"

Sharon Osbourne - America's Got Talent

"If I were you, I'd see Tallan perform now! Off-stage he's a nice, humble young man, but on-stage he transforms into an emergent, potent musicial force.  He's that growing storm front that is picking up hurricane strength every time he climbs on stage!"

Steve Duchrow - Director of Performing Arts - Elgin Community College

"Ranked #3 in the world as one of the MUST SEE guitarist under the age of 18!"

American Blues Scene Magazine

“When I see somebody at that age, that amazing on guitar, I just have to try to express myself the best I can how good that is.”

Buddy Guy

"Are you kidding me, did you see that!"

Jackson Browne

"You passed the audition. I didn't know what to expect but you can definitely play at my concert on Saturday!"

Les Paul